Truth About Fat Burning Food™ - Special 70% OFF + Cooking Recipes + 7 Exclusive Bonus (worth $297)

Truth About Fat Burning Food™ - Special 70% OFF + Cooking Recipes + 7 Exclusive Bonus (worth $297)

Author: Nick Pineault
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The Truth About Fat Burning Foods™ by Nick Pineault, is a comprehensive diet makeover guidebook and recipe about healthy diet, supplement, as well as the misconception about fat burning foods. It is designed to help reader understand which foods to eat and which to avoid. The main idea of this guide book is to reveil crucial facts about how the body works to digest different food and store energy, and the way one can keep it working properly.

This book isn’t just about fat burning, but it also gets into the different healthy foods out there. It helps to educate readers on how to create a meal plan stocked with the right food choices, including choosing the right food recipes, condiments, snacks, and seasonings.

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Nick Pineault, expert author, food detective

What is inside the Special Package and 7 Bonuses: (worth $297)

When purchase the $27 e-book package, here’s what comes included in the package:

  • The Truth About Fat Burning Foods E-book – This is the main book, with 18 pages of information that explains the misconceptions of food, and why should one change their eating habits
  • The Truth About Protein, Fat, and Carbs – This book takes a look at the three types of nutrients, examining them to see which ones cause the most fat gain or loss. It discloses the “right” choices to make in regards to eating these foods, including how much of each to eat.
  • The Truth About Condiments, Snacks, & Seasonings – This book looks at the artificial ingredients in one's diet, and how one may be better off without them, including alternative healthy snacking.
  • The Truth About Drinks – This book looks at the many drinks stocked on supermarket shelves, and why they are not the healthiest choices for losing weight. It explains why one should stop drinking them and what are the alternatives.
  • The Truth About Superfoods – This one takes a look at all of the healthiest foods out there, the so-called superfoods with amazing nutritional value.
  • The Truth About Your Grocery Cart – This guide examines your shopping list, and how user are (probably) buying the wrong foods when they hit the supermarket. Some foods might look deceivinlgy healthy, and how they are just being marketed in such a way as to make consumer buy them without really knowing the truth about them.
  • The Truth About Supplements – This book looks at the supplements, and why some of them are completely ineffective. It reveals that there are supplements that work, and others that are just promoted in order to increase sales.
  • 4-Step Diet Makeover – This book gives simple steps to help reader change the diet and the way they eat, with the goal of helping reducing cravings which sabotage the diet.

*Disclaimer: You should not use this info as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Individual results may vary.